Marcin Kaciuba

My name is Marcin Kaciuba. I’m a software engineer based in Kraków, Poland. 

In my free time except working on open source projects I’m taking photos. My best photos you can find here and here 


  • mort - the application responsible for image transformations and serve static files on my website. More about the project you can find here. The project was included in the newsletter golang weekly in issue 218
  • mkaciubacom/ - the page you are on now. It is a rather complex project that I have been developing since my studies (2013). Currently, this is my own CMS written in PHP (Symfony3) with additional logic in LUA in NGINX itself. I described one version on the blog post
  • greebo - a server for collecting RUM data. Currently, in the alpha version
  • ngx_url_parser - a very fast URL parser, based on the NGINX parser. It is used by the uriparser node package

You can find these and many other projects on my GitHub.



You can contact me using social media (links in the top-left corner of the page) or by sending email to:
[email protected]