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  • Homelab - Kubernetes at home part 1

    Introduction In this post I would like to describe my process of creating Kubernetes servers at home. By reading this post you will learn What hardware you can use How to setup network What CI/CD are useful to home cluster with single human operator One caveat - this is from my perspective - what was working for me does not always work for everyone.

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  • Caching Pages With Login Form

    Usually, when websites are made that are to be available to a specific group of recipients (with a login and password), the proxying server does not allow it to be cached.

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  • Dreamlab Academy Go

    On April 19, 2018, along with a friend, I had the pleasure to lead workshops introducing the participants to GoLang. The workshops were organized by DreamLab. For the first time, I had the opportunity to conduct such presentations and workshops.

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  • Using Prometheus instead of Graphite

    Some time ago for monitoring of my system, I was using graphite. But I had to reinstall my monitoring machine and there was an occasion to test something new. So I tried Prometheus.

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  • Mort Release

    Mort is image processing service that can on the fly create image transformation (resize, crop, grayscale etc). It can serve as a storage server as well. The main advantage of it is that it provides full control of what operation is applied to given image and it can store it in any storage.

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  • PHP mkaciuba Webiste

    This project was the longest (except my master degree) I have ever done. The website is composed of few elements and I was trying to learn as much as I can while doing it.

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  • Ngx_url_parser

    A non RFC strict URL parser that is derived from NGINX url parser. Main reason to create such parser was need to have parser that is not so strict like uriparser and is fast.

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  • GravityRing - gravity simulation

    This is a cross-platform application dedicated to the simulation of n-bodies in a gravitational field. In application you can choose one out of three methods tocalculate value of velocity and position:

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  • Len BT

    Controlled via bluetooth “tank”